#ReclaimNormal “The Truth About the Covington Catholic Story. CNN and Others Push False Story Again!”

(This is a developing story, please check back for more updates)

Fake News is at it again attacking men, whites and Christians.

If you’re white, you aren’t allowed to smile, oh ya, and they are also openly planning on dismantling your civilization – so there’s that too.

Radicals online want to forcibly stop white people and/or Christian (Catholics) from breeding because a white child smiled during an unprovoked attack.

The Left is trying to dox every child in the school group. In the future, when anyone Googles literally anyone’s name, you will find fake news media claiming the person is racist. 🙄

#ExposeChristianSchools is trending on Twitter. Big tech and social media are driving this violence.

The Gateway pundit is reporting…

“On Sunday morning esteemed attorney Robert Barnes volunteered to represent the pro-Life children for free if they sue New York Times hack Maggie Haberman who slandered the children.”

This made my cry with joy. Finally something might be done about these lunatic reporters. This gives me hope for our society!

Ugh. Neocons. This is why an “alternative” to the Right is needed. Conservatives, conserve nothing!

You can email Covington Catholic School, who threw these dear children under the bus, at browe@covcath.org and let them know how you feel.


He was an actor! This is a straight set up to discredit March for Life and scare parents into not sending their children in the future!

Twitter allows more Leftist to threaten to kill children over wearing a MAGA hat.

Covington Catholic School has had to increase security because violent Leftists are threatening to bomb it or commit a mass shooting.



As of today, the organizers of March for Life have still not apologized to the students of Covington Catholic School after throwing them under the bus.