Defending Your Family Is Illegal If You’re White

Like any good parent, I protect my #family, my husband protects our family.

A man in #Asheville was surrounded by dozens of out of control teens. “Youths” is what they are often called.

They were harassing him, his wife and #children. They rushed at them several times. He asked them to stop so they came harder.

One teen in particular started attacking him. He asked her to stop. He pushed her away two or three times. It only made her come at him and his family harder.

She geared up for a violent confrontation and launched into an attack and he punched her to the ground.

Totally justified.

But wait. He is white and the youths are black. So the real criminals aren’t sitting in jail.

The man who defended his wife and children was arrested.

Our justice system is broken and normal healthy, #families are seeing jail time for defending themselves.

David Steven Bell is innocent but the #FakeNews headlines accuse him of “punching girls” with no context given. #ReclaimNormal