Steve King is Right

I support Rep Steve King.

As someone who has been through an almost identical process by which words and phrases I used were intentionally misrepresented, sometimes fabricated and always twisted into “racism” and “white supremacy” by fanatical Leftist’s in an attempt to rebrand all normal, human interaction and especially anything Western or white as “evil” I can really sympathize with what Rep King is facing now, and has faced in the past.

We need to wake up and realize that the vast majority of the #Republican party, #conservatives and, yes, even so-called “Christians” are cucks who throw good men like Steve King, James Allsup and President Trump under the bus in order to attempt to win the approval of Leftists – which they have NEVER gained and NEVER will.

These #RINO’s and #neocons are simply Leftist-lite. A lower calorie version of communism. A slow decline as opposed to a rapid one.

Sacrifice your family to the devil slow or fast -it all ends up the same in the end.

Good people, pray. Be steadfast. Stand up for truth. #Christ has already won the victory, we need only to proclaim it.

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