10 Year Age Challenge

Age Challenge! This is a viral social media challenge.

Ok, this took me forever to do for several reasons.

First, because I’m being stalked I had to remove nearly all my old photos and old accounts from online. But around here we don’t let stalkers/lamestream media win! We #ReclaimNormal! ♥

I did have the old pictures saved on a computer but it blew up two weeks ago! LOL! But I doggedly searched and finally found some photos from *almost* 10 years ago.

They are actually from 9 years ago but that was the best I could do LOL!

The 3 pics on the left are of a young mom of 3 children, just entering her 30s, the two on the right are of a mature, wiser (I hope! LOL!) mother of 6 who will be 40 in March! Yikes!

I became a Christian at the age of 29 so the past ten years have been the most amazing adventure following where the Lord led me and forsaking EVERYTHING to do what’s Godly instead of what is worldly.

And while the Devil has wailed and gnashed his awful teeth, God has never left my side and just when things looked darkest He would reveal to me *why* I was going through what I was, and most importantly, how I could take that experience and use it to help other people.

Helping others, in turn, blessed my life and the joy has been multiplied beyond my wildest dreams! I can truly say, that finally, at nearly 40-years-old, all of the deep roots and wisdom of Christ and nation, which were so thoroughly torn and gutted from me during my childhood days of public school and MTV, have finally been replanted, have taken strong root, and are growing full, lush and green within me such that I feel like a fairy, as if light and life shines from my fingertips as I go about my day.

God has returned me to myself – a self stolen so very long ago.