#ReclaimNormal: Social Media a Faulty Product?


Matthew Herrick is suing Grindr using the unique claim that they are a faulty product.

Matthew’s ex-boyfriend used the dating app to create fake profiles and send men to Matthew’s place of employment to harass him.

Matthew tried to have Grindr remove the fake profiles for violating Grindr’s ToS but that didn’t work. Next he filed a restraining order against Grindr itself. He filed 14 police reports. Still nothing, so he is using consumer protection laws, claiming Grindr is a faulty product, the same way you might claim a poorly made blender injured you.

If Matthew succeeds in his suit, it could have wide-reaching implications. It could mean media and apps would have to enforce their ToS on fake and harassing accounts but it also may make the same sites clampdown harder on everyone.

Either way, this should be interesting as we see online harassment, bullying and stalking reach levels that are forcing courts to act.

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