Launching My #HushedHome Campaign

New year, new campaign!

Along with my #ReclaimNormal campaign, in 2019, I will be focusing on helping you (and me!) build independent, faith-filled, homes, using solid, Biblical content as well as Holy Tradition.

Get ready for posts, videos, blogs and other content based on the #HushedHome! ♥

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3 Comments on “Launching My #HushedHome Campaign

  1. Very much looking forward to this, Ayla.

    One thing I think we should focus on it trying to have a side-business (much like your Etsy store) or being a small business owner outright. I believe having such things things will make us more resilient against mob tactics.

    Take the case of the dentist Walter Palmer. After he shot Cecil the Lion, there was international outrage. His dentistry practice received tons of death threats and he had to shut his business down temporarily. But once the mob found something else to be outraged about, he was able to open it back up again and go back to business as usual. (The same could happen to a lawyer who owns his own practice or a doctor of family medicine.)

    I think too often we get caught up in demanding “We need to build our own platforms! Our own Twitter! Our own payment processors! Our own X companies!” In fact, if we just built up our own, small businesses we’d be much harder to strike down individually. While we can’t all be dentists, doctors or lawyers I think having a small business on the side–even one that only brings in a paltry amount, like $5k a year–is vital to remaining antifragile in our outrage culture.


    • I totally agree! I we need to network and support each other’s businesses as much as possible. I know a leatherworker and he is making my toddler some shoes. I know another woman who makes dolls. We have to be independent for sure.

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