“Death to America” Chanted by Washington Post Contributor

I think I will frame any articles the post has written about me, or will write about me in the future. Apparently, they have gone full-blown evil and it’s a badge of honor to be on the wrong side of evil.

Conservative Review is reporting…

Less than two months after he was given prominent op-ed space in the Washington Post, a video has surfaced of Houthi rebel leader Mohammad Ali al-Houthi launching a shoulder-fired missile and then reciting the Houthi slogan, which calls for ‘Death to America.‘”

Read the full story here.

Make no mistake, most of the fake news, mainstream media believes in the chant “death to America” as well as “death to Western civilization, death to whites and death to Christians” whether the dream it out loud or not.

From their Trump derangement syndrome to their promotion of radical Islam, mass immigration, their lies about Charlottesville and their near refusal to cover the massive violence happening in minority and immigrant communities and countries; “Death to the West” might as well be the slogan for the whole industry.