#ReclaimNormal, Sunday Spotlight, “I will never apologize for being a comedian!” Terrence Williams Proclaims

Terrence Williams is a popular Youtuber who makes response videos to crazy news stories. He leans conservative and has no problem with stereotypes even going so far as to start Go Fund Me to buy fried chicken.

He recently made a video criticizing the crazy behavior of a trans man who threw a violent temper tantrum after he claims he was misgendered. The Trans man threatened to physically injure those present and damaged some store goods.

Because Terrence dared to criticize a trans person, the outrage mobs are coming after him hard. He isn’t apologizing though, and God bless him!

This is how it is done folks. Each one of us stands up to the lies and to the hate, one at a time. We refuse to back down and we refuse to apologize and as we do, we empower the person next to us to do the same.

We Reclaim Normal.