Ancestry Update!

Ancestry recently updated/refined my DNA results. (This occurs as they get more samples over time and can narrow things down a bit more).

It was a stunning change though as most of my “Europe West” was changed to British Isles/North Western Europe. It still aligns really well with my family history which I already knew to be overwhelmingly British/Norman/Dutch.

They increased my Irish quite a lot though and then took away my Greek and Iberian and added Norwegian and increased my Swedish.

All in all, pretty shocking.

My oldest son and husband’s tests refined in nearly the identical way except my son is now considered 99% British Isles/North Western Europe! 😱 Incredible since his ancestors have been in America since (by some accounts) before the May Flower! A dozen or more generations, all British/Dutch! No one bred with a Pole, a Ukrainian, a Greek, a Russian.


The thing is, his results aren’t unusual. America was not begun as a nation of immigrants. Until very recently in our history, we came from what Ann Colter has described as a “postage stamp sized piece of land” – that being the British Isles and the far edges of northwest Europe.

Don’t get me wrong, in general, I have NO PROBLEM with the fact that immigration to America opened up to other groups like Germans, Russians, Greeks, etc. My point is, America was not founded as a nation of worldwide immigrants. With incredibly rare exception we were British Isles/Dutch for hundreds of years. That was our founding stock, and what’s more, our founding culture.

I’m happy to be sharing that culture with all Americans but newly arrived immigrants need to assimilate to the Christian British/Dutch culture of America’s founding.

In America we do not have Sharia law, we do not remove Easter from our calendars and put on unpronounceable holidays from non-Christian faiths (Apple, I’m looking at you).

In America we do not perform genital mutilation on our baby girls (and we shouldn’t on our boys either, that’s a whole other conversation).

In America we are a constitutional republic and we value free speech so much we would die for it. We are capitalists and men of industry. Amen!

Update (clarification) 1.1.19

I’m talking about the founding of America as a country, which was pretty much done in New England by British/Dutch men using British/Dutch principles, morals, language, culture, laws, philosophies, etc.

The structure and foundation of our country is British/Dutch but the beauty of that model is that just about any European Christian can easily assimilate to it which is why so many of them thrived here upon arrival.

It’s also a set up that made it easy for non-Europeans and non-Christians to assimilate when they wanted to do so, which they no longer do (in general, there are always exceptions) and hence, many of the issues we have now, where not only do they refuse to assimilate but openly hate our founding culture, values and people.