My Saturday Morning

Watching my husband work on our electric fence while our #greatpyrenees bounds in between his legs on this wet, rainy, #winter, #saturdaymorning.

God bless men!

I am inside, warm and cozy, doing the breakfast dishes. My hands plunged into hot, soapy water with glistening bubbles while he battles the rain and freezing mud. Women never had it hard. We are spoiled creatures. ♥

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2 Comments on “My Saturday Morning

  1. Have you ever done your washing in an ancient washing machine or on a washing board? In the mining towns the women burned as much calories doing the washing then their men working underground!!!
    How about doing work in the fields, ploughing, harvesting? Anna Wiemschneider was a woman in the 20th century that grew up a farmers daughter.–work-and-anxiety/


    • Oh yes, I lived the first 8-10 years of my marriage and motherhood without a washer or dryer or both. I scrubbed cloth diapers by hand and line dried them. I’ve hauled water, heated water on wood stoves for cooking and cleaning. I’ve used outhouses and plowed fields using what we call “live power” meaning people or horses. I have given birth to six children, 5 of them at home, often in rural conditions, far from town. I’m grateful for my experiences, it has taught me so much about the real world and helped me form my conservative views.


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