Sunday Spotlight: Dana Loesch Reclaims Normal

She’s an American.

She believes in the rights the Constitution grants us.

Her views are NORMAL.

For this of you who may not follow the ongoing saga of Dana Loesch, let me bring you up to speed.

Dana is a former liberal, like myself. She’s a mother and deeply devoted conservative. Her issue of choice is gun rights and she has worked tirelessly to help maintain our freedoms here in America.

For her efforts she has been targeted by the Left. Around the same time my own family had to move out of our home because we had been doxed, Dana too had to move her family to another home to avoid rabid mobs.

Like so many of us who have been doxed, stalked and terrorized by the radical Left, Dana has pushed hard to #ReclaimNormal and fight back against these “justice” brigades and their pitchforks.

She’s an American.

She believes in the rights the constitution grants us.

Her views are NORMAL.

Recently Dana retweeted one of the numerous threats she receives on social media. This tweet hit close to home for me, as I have received many messages just like it over the years.

Congrats to Dana for facing down the lunatics and not allowing them to scare her away from BEING NORMAL. When we all stand together these people can’t affect our lives anymore.

The violent Left may have been victorious the past few years but their time has ended. With people like Dana, we have reclaimed normal! 😁

Ayla, is a stay-at-home, homeschooling, home birthing, mother of six children. She holds a Master’s degree and is a former college liberal whose pro life and pro family values, along with the grace of God, led her to TradLife over a decade ago.
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