#ReclaimNormal: CNN Journalist of the Year Fired for Lying About Rural Americans and Making Up Fake, Racist, Quotes

I just left this comment for Jack on his Instagram post. As a person who CNN (and other publications) have directly lied about, this struck close to home.

“I have tried to fight back against the lies spread about me in the press but once you are labeled by the media almost no one cares, even people on the Right who would just rather write me off as “racist” because they don’t want to bother checking whether or not what’s been said about me was correct.

They don’t want to bother with the hassle of associating with me.

Until we learn to ban together and know that the media is lying about ALL OF US, we won’t get anywhere as conservatives.

I’m trying to raise awareness of how the media portray normal, average, people and families as Nazis and KKK with my #ReclaimNormal campaign. Many of us are cyberstalked and terrorized by these unethical journalists.”