Their names were Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland.

Their names were Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland. They are now just a number on a long list of our Western women who have been brutally murdered by radical Muslims.

I want to hide from the news. I want to quit. I want to stop talking about evil but how can I?

These precious girls died by beheading. It was filmed and the film was posted on their mothers’ Facebook pages.

One of them cried out for her mother as they cut her head off.

How can I quit “talking politics” when this is what is happening every single day but the lying news media wants you to think that Nazis or white men (which are the same thing to the media) are the problem in our world right now?

Nazis aren’t even real much less committing violence like this.

San Bernardino, Paris, Charli Hebdo, Waco, Berlin, Brussels, London, Ariana Grande concerts, New York walkways, and on and on and on – we are being slaughtered by the hundreds. 😪

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  1. If you pay attention to all the horror stories, it will continue to destroy your morale. Keep in mind all the stories that don’t get media coverage. You mentioned in a live stream all the people having children (or more children) because of the work you’ve done. You do make a difference, it simply isn’t reported.

    Recall, the media goes looking for horror stories not happy ones. Nothing you’ve done has cost anyone his life, but your work has helped bring life into this world. The media shall never report that, but the many men & women who you have influenced know you have.

    There is a reason why Hope is one of the Theological virtues.

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      • Given the amount of hate you (unjustly) receive on a regular basis, I feel that justice demands someone remind you how much you are appreciated and cared for, even beyond the boundaries of the little home you have filled with children all of whom are grateful for all you do for them.

        This madness shall pass, in God’s Good Time, and when it does, your children will be grateful for all you’ve done for them. Those couples who had children or who had more children, or decided to home-school, or who returned to Church because of you, will remember all that, and their gratitude will echo far beyond their memories of this mad and evil time.

        Never forget that these tragedies, wretched and melancholy as they are, are still anomalies. What you do each day for your family, though far from glamorous, is what shall slowly change this fallen world of ours. Family is not an anomaly. It is the continuous decisions, day in and day out, that make the world better. Making your husband happy, educating your children showing and promoting the joys of simply being you–these are powerful, for our enemies despise you more than almost any foe because of it.

        You have no weapons but your lifestyle–and they fear you.
        You have no soldiers but your followers–and they fear them.
        You have no ideology but your love for Christ–and they despise him.

        The evil in this world will continue to take life and beauty and history and reason and twist them and destroy them and warp them in a thousand hideous ways. Your enemies have the prestige and blessing of this world–and the prince of this world. And that is why they hate you because they have nothing but emptiness and sorrow awaiting them in the end.

        Like a suffering servant Our Blessed Lord spoke of, you have nothing but your small, happy home ,some internet followers and the guidance of the Holy Ghost. And yet, what you have done will matter far more when all your enemies, numerous and delusional and evil though they are, pass away.

        God be with the victims of these tragedies, but God be with our enemies even more.

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