Emergency Call To Action! Help Faith Goldy!

As many of you know, my dear friend Faith ran in the recent mayoral election in Toronto.

Bell Media illegally discriminated against her and refused to run her ads.

When she fought back her case was thrown out, which was tragic enough, but now she has been ordered to pay Bell Media 40 Grand!

Do you realize this means we no longer have a democracy in the West?

This means the average Joe or Jill on the street cannot even run for mayor and be treated fairly and equally.

We live under elitist, globalist, tyranny.

Out of dozens of candidates, she came in third! She was a serious candidate!

She just got married too.

This is OUTRAGEOUS. They are trying to make an example out of her to scare us all.

Please help her out!

Go to FaithGoldy.ca/donations.

Give what you can. If only $1.

Please. If you donate to me I beg you to skip this month’s payment and please give it Faith.

God bless!

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