Our Saint Lucia Day!

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  1. Saint Lucia is such a beautiful tradition. It used to be fiercely ethnic Swedish. When I was in school in the 1970ies and 80ies, the common wisdom was that Lucia should be blond. We made an exception in our class because “Lotta” was so much more beautiful than the other girls. But, you know, less PC times. Living natural and in tradition is sometimes brutal. Just as children are. But it creates diversity and beauty and community and strength and goodness and something to look back upon after we have been forced to go into the storm of life.

    So happy to see this in USA 🙂

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  2. Searched some on Youtube. And this one is adequate. It by no means come close to the beauty S:t Lucia celebrations have I have seen in my life. But it is not PC-fied, unlike most I can find on Youtube, well.

    S:t Lucia is a festival of light, held in the very darkest time. And the signature song, “Natten går tunga fjät”, embodies this. It celebrates light in the darkness. As embodied by a maiden.

    Also, notice how S:t Lucia is the only one that wears a red sash. This was important when I was growing up.

    Anyway. Thank you for all you do Ayla. You are a light in the darkness. All year round.

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  3. Lucia procession in Uppsala cathedral (where the founder of Sweden is buried). I’m surprised that Cultural Marxism has not yet ripped this apart or reduced it to its opposite of itself. No worries, the evil ones will turn all public celebration into darkness. The future is private, not public.
    A nice tidbit in this celebration is that Lucia herself is not singing. This is traditional in Lucia. Lucia is an icon, not an actor. So the rest of us play our part to venerate Lucia and the light. This is what we do. The girl that is elected to be Lucia. She is not a porson when she is the Lucia, she does not take part. Like the Tärnor do.

    Are many more videos. Some politically tainted. Some that muddle along. Some from Denmark. Some from Finland. I liked Jonna Jiltons larping with Lucia. Bringing a sacred tradition into the modern age 🙂


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