This is TradLife

There have been so many lies told about the “far right” and “trad life” it could make your head spin. Today I came across this very simple meme that summed it all up. This is what I stand for. This is what we are fighting to have the right to believe in, without being doxed, stalked, terrorized and fired from our employment.

3 Comments on “This is TradLife

  1. I would add one more thing. Make things with your hands, and teach others to do so.


  2. Another good post.

    Now a topic I was hoping you could shed some insight into: indoctrinating children into supporting traditionalism/anti-miscegenation in the long term. This is our biggest issue. The great-grandparents of today’s euro-Americans would support these notions 100%, but progressive currents have slowly eroded this consensus. How can traditionalists succeed today in instilling positive values when these values have become thoroughly marginalized.

    How you have approached this big issue with your six children?


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