{Free e-book!} The First Thanksgiving!

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The story of the first Thanksgiving seems to have been one of the first American cultural practices that came under attack by the Left. For several generations now, we have been taught, by public schooling and media, that our American ancestors, who worked so hard and sacrificed so much, were nothing more than Indian killing, racists, heck bent on world domination.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes, in order to envision a proper future for our children, we must look to the wisdom of the past.

Here I have selected an educational tale that school children one hundred years ago would have read. In the classic form it is one part entertaining story and one part educational description with a lot of rich, mental illustrations of the real and once-living people involved. This style is meant to engage young minds as they ponder their ancestors, their culture, and their heritage.

I pray you enjoy this tale. Please consider printing it out and storing a hard copy in your home. We never know how far Internet censorship will go and we may face a day when stories like this, and the factual history they portray, are scrubbed from public eye.

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Thank you and God bless!

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