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  1. THANK YOU for this.
    Harry Potter came out when I was a child. I think that my friends and I were some of the few (older) folks who came out ok after reading it, but I think we missed some of the blatant messages in HP.
    Sadly, my clueless sister is letting my nephew read HP. Listening to the Audio Book version of the second book with him made me nauseous. It’s all about how “pure blooded” (read: racists) wizards discriminate against the oppressed. In fact, “the oppressed” are pretty much the books focus (including Harry, who is raised by abusive step-parents).
    Only when I was much older did I learn that J. K. Rowling claimed the socialist Jessica Mitford, that a bunch of things in her work began coming together. If you look at HP it’s one long diatribe against “the powerful” who ruthlessly attack “the powerless.” Also, I thought about how MUCH better writers (like Catholic Sci-Fi writer Gene Wolfe) had had a total media blackout during their careers, while Rowling was a media darling. I couldn’t help but wonder if her (liberal) publisher had pressured her to make HP even more left-wing when she was concluding the series.
    (Also, check out these excellent pieces from Castalia House on HP:
    One thing I noticed much later in life, is that the people obsessed with HP (the ones who would read and reread the same books, several times) were the most prone to SJWism. It dawned on me that they saw themselves in the figure of HP–a tormented person, who *really* is a super-secret wizard! just waiting for the magic moment to show the world how amazing they are. This feeds the delusion and narcissism of many damaged people. (And notice that Harry doesn’t do much, um, heroic. He’s totally unlike the wizards in Tolkien & Lewis’s tales. He just…goes to school….something every loser can relate too.)
    Ayla, I know lots of folks have asked you to talk to E. Micheal Jones. If you do, ask him about this incredible article he wrote back in 2002 : “Harry Potter and the Culture of Narcissism” :


  2. Also, Ayla, could we (meaning your audience) start some kind of reading list? This way we could help good authors who need the $ and we could promote Trad Life that way. I have plenty of suggestions! Including some for your older kids.

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