Watch “Build Networks, Find Allies” on YouTube

One Comment on “Watch “Build Networks, Find Allies” on YouTube

  1. I agree with this message quite a bit. Sadly, the problem facing the Right is a two-fold one:

    1) Some on the “Establishment” Right are far too nice and naive. Any talk about demographics will get you called a “Nazi” and expelled, even if you aren’t preaching hatred of anyone.
    2) Some the Neo-Pagan/Atheist half of the Alt-Right will attack you (in an eerily similar manner of leftists) if you don’t want to start a “race war” with “the JEWS!” at the drop of a hat.

    Finding someone who is “pro-White” who isn’t “anti-Black” or “anti-Semitic” is quite a challenge. The Establishment group have much saner personalities, but are usually quite naive and think that MAGA is all that’s required to avert a serious conflict, and they seem blissfully ignorant to how bad Antifa really is.

    The Left-Wing of the Alt-Right (if you will) is much more unstable and prone to intra-group conflict, but unfortunately, has some insights into topics such as IQ which the mainstream suppress or is unaware of.

    Trying to find someone who is both accepting of some of the issues you raise in the video but who is mentally stable and capable of cooperating with others less ideologically “pure” is sadly a unicorn in these increasingly polarizing times.

    Please keep up the good work, Ayla.


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