Where Do We Go From Here?

One final thought before I start my Sunday. I learned something new this weekend.

After the photojournalist lied about me and I called her out she, of course, doubled down and admitted no wrongdoing however what was especially curious to me was that the people on her side, the liberals, the Left, had strange reactions but nearly all of them boiled down to this; they want there to be Nazis so they have something to fight and hate, and therefore they actually expect me to lay down and take it, true or not.

I’m not kidding. They operate from a base assumption that I should allow this because of their need to hate someone. I can show them facts and prove she lied but ultimately they don’t care about that. They only want someone to hate, period, and they don’t care about if it’s real and they don’t care that it puts my family at risk.

They honestly cannot see past themselves. It’s like, to them, no one else on the planet exists. It’s a baseline of such extreme narcissism that I can scarcely believe it.

It’s unreal.

I have a few mentally ill stalkers who have always operated this way. Not only will they lie but they will change the lie from moment to moment because they aren’t seeking truth or justice, they are only seeking to hurt me, but what is scary to wrap my head around is that (not all, not all, not all) but most on the Left are this narcissistic.

I have a hard time accepting that actual mental illness could have become so pervasive in our society but I can no longer deny it. It’s really mind-blowing and very unsettling.

This goes far beyond political or social disagreement. Most on the Left and far too many on the right, are actually, mentally ill.

What do we do with that? How can we fix that? Is there any fixing it and if there isn’t, how do we move forward as a country?

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  1. Ayla, this ties in nicely with the previous post you uploaded about not mentioning the hate you get.

    Most mentally ill people will not stop, even when you’ve exposed them, and it might feed their insatiable desire to troll you. Ignoring them has it’s advantages, but I think the occasional attack on them might be helpful.

    Yes, it’s exhausting, but your public exposure of that one Insta pic caused it to be taken down, which is good for you and for everyone.

    Sadly, there are many “Alt-Right” types who are mentally ill as well. I think the internet has given people who would normally be forced to go outside and socialize to do all their socializing on the internet where the most extreme ideas can be aired under the cloak of anonymity. I think this had made everyone more “extreme” than necessary.
    Side note:
    Since you’ve disavowed the Alt-Right, I haven’t seen negative repercussions, have you? You’re youtube channel didn’t lose a bunch of followers nor has this blog tanked. I think it’s also necessary that people on our side dump the dead weight of the anti-christian, National Socialist LARPers on the right as much as the left.

    This should be a lesson for everyone who is considering more public exposure: Disavow the loonier folks on your own side, and try to follow the most sane path in your own life.

    Finally, thank you for trying to stay sane in all this. It must be a part-time job in itself! We’re all hoping you stay safe your children continue to have a wonderful childhood with their stay-at-home Mommy.

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