A Small Change

It’s always such a delicate balance to know whether or not to ignore haters.

I keep going back and forth between ignoring them completely and then posting about the ones who especially target my family with threats or otherwise.

Last night I was deeply saddened to learn that, not only had I been duped by a photographer but I must have been duped by the mutual acquaintance we have who put us in touch.

I don’t want to live my life distrusting everyone I meet, yet, at times like this, I feel like a fool not to have distrusted more.

I have had a lot of encouragement from my followers to expose these people when they lie and/or make violent threats but please understand when I say that I’m exhausted.

I just can’t do the negative part of this anymore. I already ignore 99% of the hate but I’m bumping it up a notch.

No more screenshots, no more posts about attacks, no more explaining the same points to the same NPC’s, over and over and over again.

I put in three good years fighting the good fight on Insta and Twitter and Facebook. I have red pilled quite a few people who started out hating me, and I’m so blessed that God allowed me to be a window for His light but now it’s time to just promote healthy, normal families and ignore the haters.

“Don’t feed the trolls, ” as they used to say.

I’m so tired of reading my scriptures and thinking about how bad the world is. It’s distracting me from my own sins. I should see myself in the scriptures’ convictions, not be so overwhelmed mentally with the evil of strangers I can’t find myself.

How will I grow closer to God? How will I teach my children the right path? It’s time for some weaponized normalcy people 😂 Radical ignoring. 100% focus on the light ♥🙌

Thank you ♥

One Comment on “A Small Change

  1. Keep up the good fight (keep the faith) by maintaining a solid family and hearth. Good examples ,and wisdom, are far more valuable than exposing the nitwits.

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