Glenna Gordon and Seyward Darby Lied About Ayla Stewart and TradLife

A year ago I agreed to do a photo shoot with a photojournalist (Glenna Gordon, recommended by many on the Right.

She published the pictures recently and totally lied about me and DOXED my location after promising me she would not. Be warned please and know how absolutely unethical and dangerous this woman is.

During the photoshoot I kept smiling so at one point she acted like one of my kids fell off the fence and snapped the picture during the transition of smile to concern. I knew she would only use that picture too and that’s what she did.
I have children for gosh sakes. The people they insight are violent. I already had Antifa show up at my house this year. I have directly told these women that TradLife has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHITE CULTURE.

Right there on my website is the definition “the restoration and preservation of traditional values” and those are for all people. I have said so time and time again.


Instagram deleted my post wherein I showed the photo taken of my family by photographer Glenna Gordon. This photographer then lied about me when she published it, claiming that #TradLife is about white culture, that I am a Nazi, and that I was kicked off Twitter for hate speech. Trad Life is about the restoration and preservation of traditional values. I have always maintained I am absolutely NOT a Nazi of any kind and Twitter never gave a reason for deleting either of my accounts. Far from “hate speech.”

The post also showed both the picture that was taken as well as screenshots from my Twitter dating back years where I say #TradLife is about restoring traditional values for ALL people of ALL races and is not race-based.

Why would they take this down? How does it violate anything on Insta for me to defend myself against provable falsehoods? Please follow my back account @thenestbuilders

UPDATE: Props to Insta for being consistent. I thought she deleted this post where she lied about me (and probably the other women too) but apparently Insta removed it. She has still spread lies about me at and on her website but I’m impressed a little more with Insta today. By the way, I didn’t report it. That never even occurred to me tbh but I imagine a lot of you must have. Thanks guys!

You can politely contact the woman who wrote the piece on at

You can contact the woman who took the photos and lied about me and tradlife on her website at