Ayla Stewart, Wife With a Purpose, Is NOT On Twitter, At All, As of Nov 3, 2018. All Accounts Claiming to be me, Are Fake

Twitter Suspended Me Again, I Didn’t Even Use My Account. All Accounts on Twitter Claiming to Be Are FAKE.

As most of you know I have a Twitter account but I almost never use it. Why even have an account after they suspended me for no reason (literally, they cited no reason) last year? Well, it was because after the de-verifying me last year, numerous fake accounts sprang up and I wanted people to be able to at least read what I have said for myself.

You see, despite the headlines and rhetoric, I haven’t said or done anything that the Left accuses me of. I don’t cuss, I don’t attack people. Nothing. I wanted people to see that my message was for all people and that it was Christ-centered.

Despite never breaking any terms of service, on my first account, @apurposefulwife, or my latest account, @aylawife, Twitter suspended me and allows people to use their platform to create fake and photoshopped lies about me, in addition, they allow people to threaten my family and stalk me.

Twitter allows death threats to my children and allows people to post my address, pictures of my home, etc. Then it allows them to run scam accounts claiming to be me, which insight hatred and lies.

If my family ends up murdered by one of these psychopaths, Twitter not only allowed it to happen on their platform they ENCOURAGED it. I’m not being hyperbolic here. Twitter knows exactly what they are doing.

The Left is in a mad dash to clear house and silence everyone. I’ve always said I originally got online to show women there is a different option, that they can choose the life of a happy homemaker and wife but the Left literally wants total, tyrannical, control, where young women are not given ANY alternative options.

I will not rejoin Twitter. As I said, I basically never used my account anyway. It was just a placeholder to help speak the truth about who I am, but the Left can’t stand the truth.

God knows the truth. The Left can’t touch me. They can’t touch my children. They can drag us into the street and kill us, as they have literally threatened to do, and we will be received into the arms of Jesus.

They have no power at all and that infuriates them.