Breaking News: Gab under attack – Free speech threatened

In this increasingly censored and controlling world we are regretfully used to hearing and seeing reports about individuals being deplatformed.

Some recent examples are Faith Goldy & Red Ice TV being shut down from PayPal

Brittany Pettibone banned from Instagram

Plus our very own Ayla has been closed down on numerous platform most notably Twitter in December 2017

However when a platform that promotes their platform as a free speech platform is endangered then we have some serious concerns.


Gab is a social media alternative to the likes of Twitter. It is based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which began operations in August 2016 and has been growing stronger ever since despite the efforts of others to hinder the growth and development of Gab.

However a few hours ago Gab tweeted from their official account @getongab that their new hosting provider was pulling the rug out from under them which effectively shuts down their platform


Despite this massive setback, you can see from their tweets that Gab intend to continue to fight for free speech.


From the look of it, Gab may have made strong moves forward to secure their platform


In a recent post on Gab Ayla said: “Gab is important. Gab is changing the whole world for the better. There will be increased attacks on Gab, trying to smear it and take it down. Love Gab, pray for Gab, ask God to protect Gab.”

Both Ayla and I have accounts over on Gab and do all that we can to support them. To follow Ayla and I on Gab please visit the followiing:

Gab is a vitally important platform to have. We need to do all we can to fight for it and protect it. It is literally a bastion for free speech without it many voices would be snuffed out and not be heard at all.