New Art Up!

Whimsical illustrated print of a trad woman’s kitchen shelf. Hand-dipped candles, clay pots and, of course, stacks of quilting squares!

Maybe your shelf looks like this already or maybe this print, framed and hung in your kitchen, would be just the item to bring an extra trad touch to your space! Either way, it’s a steal at only 99 cents! Or you can also buy the original, hand-drawn, art piece for just $10.99!

PDF Print –>

Original —> (UPDATE! Original sold out in less than a minute! Follow my Etsy store and click the notifications to get the jump on my next piece!)

2 Comments on “New Art Up!

  1. what a fun way to nod in support of what you do! i’m a first gen german-ukrainian american (my grandfather was executed under stalin), and it utterly baffles me that we ALL cannot – or are not supposed to – have pride in who we are, let alone dare to say so.
    for the most part, we can’t change who we are. aside from the fundamental imprinting we all experience as sentient members of societies, familial groups and cultures, which one can only hope become the foundations for life-long personal evolutions (wisdom, perspective, growth), it is our biological/racial reality. heck, it’s often not even that easy to learn to like, let alone love ourselves, who we are at our cores! and now, “we” are supposed to denigrate as invalid, dislike and shun who we are? hogwash!
    additionally, i too stand in full support of the family first construct, which is intellectually concluded and arrived upon through many decades of life’s lessons. your positivity in the face of slanderous insult serves you well, now and will in the future. for one, you and those closest to you – especially your children- benefit from intact minds and hearts that stay focused on the positive, the high road, the golden rule.
    hang in there!


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