New York Times, I Don’t Think You’re Good at Your Job 😂

Earlier this year CNN reported a fake story, I called them out on it and CNN reporters personally phoned Youtube and had my ad revenue removed from my channel by falsely claiming I was a white supremacist.

Next up, the New York Times falsely accuses me of being a “White supremacist housewife” and yet, still steals the stories I write for New Media Central and pedals them as their own. This has never been about me actually being a “racist, bigot, sexist….blah blah blah.” It’s about eliminating their competition by attempting to ruin people’s lives and reputations.

Hey, big media, maybe if your competition is a stay-at-home-mom of six kids, with bad grammar, who writes a few articles or films a few vlogs with the extremely limited free time I have – maybe you really suck at your job. 😂