The continued decline of western culture

Much as been written over the years about the decline of western society and the erosion of traditional values.

I think it would be a sound statement to make that the health and status of culture are reflected by the art and creative endeavors it produces. With this in mind let us take a look at look at two examples from western culture.

Boy Meets Girl consisted of husband and wife duo George Merrill & Shannon Rubicam. In 1988 they released waiting for a star to fall, a song about being in love with someone. The music video even featured the couples young daughter Hillary.

29 years later this was released…

Band Imagine Dragons released this music video in 2017. In this video, the lead singer of the band featured in the video along with several people wearing demonic looking masks which are meant to be “extraterrestrials”.

There is a stark difference between the wholesome and family oriented music video released in 1988 compared to the dark and sinister one released in 2017

In only 29 years our music videos have degraded this badly. Has our culture degraded equally as some suggest?