The Benedict Option, Due Date for Page 77 is August 10th!

The first “due date” for The Benedict Option book club is tomorrow! You should be up on page 77! I hope you are enjoying reading with us and sharing with us on social media about your thoughts and progress! ♥

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    These are thoughts I am having whilst reading this groovy book
    Ayla , Trad Mike and Lacey Lynn rule !

    Did writers used to always say “she”? I remember it was always “he”. This annoys me. I suppose it’s petty but it strikes as more gender equality bullshit. Or I do not know proper English .I may also be horribly sexist. I just am sick of the importance placed on women and female concerns at the expense of the masculine in the west. Petty perhaps. It’s not that women like Lauren Southern bother me inherently but I will admit as great as she is it’s hard for me to take a 20 something female seriously as I look at her and I see someone that has never known loss or grief or terror or real hardship. That is unfair as I know nothing about her but at the same time women should know that female defenders of the west are an aphrodisiac and are immensely popular amongst men and I am no different. I am less susceptible to the whole “Alt Right” feminine barrage I think because I am Generation X and I am less starry eyed of what I look at as fads. I went through this already with the Ron Paul R3volution and I think all that disappointment and loss has made me cynical and maybe all men are supposed to get that way?

    Trump’s acceptance speech for the GOP nomination did involve him saying he wanted to end the restriction on churches voices for political endorsements to keep tax benefits.
    While Trump is far from a Christian candidate so are the many “Christian voters “the writer alludes to. I am a bitter person with a long memory by today’s standards and I witnessed evangelicals, and other Protestants and probably some Catholics endorse evil war mongering candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney. I was an entrenched Ron Paul operative and though Dry Paul is not a real Christian as he’s not Catholic his policies on foreign policy are far more Christian than anything I’ve seen coming out of the GOP even now. The war on terror was and is a decadent tragedy that has waged chaos across the world , decimated some of the oldest Christian communities on Earth , created more hatred and potential blowback , murdered millions in the Middle East , killed thousands of Americans , justified a domestic police state and is the source of the fake refugee “crisis “now destroying Western Europe . I think the problem is not just in the state and it’s not even the real source of the problem. The real problem in America for instance is with American Catholics who have abandoned the Faith in droves and have allowed evil Protestants, Jews, Satanists, Atheists, homosexuals and evil people of all stripes infiltrate the Catholic Priesthood. Very few Catholics (including myself) I think will be saved. We have allowed demonic serving people to take over the church in large part. That may sound crazy but it’s not without documentation. A former Jewish Communist who converted to Catholicism decades ago claimed that the Soviets were infiltrating the Catholic clergy. I know I know “Russia, Russia, and Russia” but something obviously began to change amongst the clergy roughly 100 years ago. The Catholic Church was always the bulwark against modernism and degeneracy. E Michael Jones

    Talks about how the Catholic Church was at the forefront of the Production code which prevented Hollywood from creating the pornography industry. I remember as a kid reading again and again in the letters to the editor section in the back of comic books how awful the production code was and how it censored the Comic industry. I believed it and now I am realizing that the same smut peddlers that ran Hollywood and Porn were involved in the Comic book industry. Or at least the same types of people. Regardless the Catholic Church was THE voice in America that kept the destructive sexual degeneracy from movies, TV and print and afar Vatican 2 poof, that all stopped. The Church clergy abandoned its war on smut. Perhaps it was because the Church had less influence? Of course many say it was the Protestantization and modernization after Vatican 2 with the loss of the Tridentine Liturgy, and with it the sense of the ancient and eternal Faith we call Roman Catholicism that led to the pews emptying. Some also blame Vatican 2 for the infestation of the clergy with homosexual priests. The Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality is that it is a mental illness, a “disorder” of God’s natural intent and as such even a chaste man with homosexual impulses is supposed to be denied the Priesthood. As we are seeing with all the past scandals and with the Current Bishop Mccarrick scandal the Priesthood is controlled by a gay mafia and homosexuality is the rule and not the exception. E Michael Jones says that it was the sexual revolution that infiltrated the Catholic Church along with the rest of American society that has led to such destructive and degenerate clergy. We must always remember that there are literally hundreds of thousands of great religious serving men and women but to deny that the Priesthood has been infiltrated would be to deny reality just as the secular society has been demolished. These problems exist everywhere and they are a western civilization problem and not a Catholic one alone. Data shows that Catholic Priests that do break their vows are almost always having sex with young adults not prepubescent children so we cannot call this a problem with pederasty as is always presented by the Church’s detractors who never have facts just bullshit. And of those that offend it is almost always a homosexual act. It may be with a post pubescent minor but this a faggot problem and not a pedophilic one as the gay lobby try’s to portray. And homosexuality is linked to actual pederasty as well in my opinion. This is a homosexual agenda. This is sexual deviancy weaponized. E Michael Jones talks of how the Israeli’s beamed in porn transmissions to Gaza when conducting military operations there. Why would they be beaming in porn if it was not a weapon? Degenerates are easily controlled and destroyed. The sexual revolution was a weapon of communism and communism was birthed in the barricades of the French Revolution and the French Revolution was a direct child of the Protestant heresy. It is the Protestant heresy that is the cancer that has killed the west. The Benedict Options story of Saint Benedict leaving the chaos of a dying Rome is so familiar because we live in the dead corpse of the New Rome. I will borrow an idea from The Jewish you tuber Frame Game who voiced that the west is not dying its dead. He is absolutely right. The west began to die when Luther started his revolution and it gave life to the cult of the individual. Sola Scriptura is the rejection of Christ for the delusions of the mind. It is the worship of the distinctive human idea rather than the Authority of God and from this deviancy every evil that has plagued the west for the last 500 years was spawned. E Michael Jones speaks on how the Protestant heresy was an excuse for theft and murder in places like England. Saint Thomas More is among the titans of western men and the more we western males emulate him the more we will raise these Benediction communities that may one day resurrect and new and better west.

    That’s the problem. No one should rule from Washington D.C. America used to be dotted with cities and towns run by Catholic European Americans. These outposts were not always governed free from graft and corruption but they were often very well run and they were power structures independent of D.C. These were powerful places that ran things in the manner they saw fit and were not vassal states of Beltway Protestants. I might be overly simplistic but I think it’s fair to say that Catholic European Americans held power in more localized communities while the WASPS that used to rule did so from the national platform and not until recently was the national government so powerful. States, cities and towns used to be places that were effective nations within a nation and the Feds had no control or ability to overrule except by the cooperation of the local bosses.
    This kind of power has its legitimate form in political office but it’s also seen in what might be called “illegitimate” offices as well. I’m referring to organized outfits like the Chicago Outfit or even the once popular athletic leagues and clubs that served as both fraternal organizations and points of political power that organized and volunteered for local political bosses and civic leaders.
    This kind of organizing has been relegated to Hollywood films where in the 1920’s James Cagney displayed the Irish gangster and in the 1970’s Martin Scorsese showed the Italian one but what was shown as criminal was actually part of a bigger culture . A Catholic culture. One that arrived starving and emaciated off Coffin Ships in the 1840’s and poured into a nation that hated but needed them. Protestant America made it very difficult to feed your family so Catholic men had to organize and to build a life. It is a testament to American Protestant bigotry that even today the American gangster motif is thought of as s uniquely Catholic one. The WASPS had plenty of gangsters and criminals. The worst of which were in Washington D.C.
    E Michael Jones wrote a book about how the now extinct WASP elite colluded with Jewish revolutionaries to destroy European American Catholic cities (Slaughter of the Cities). Tactics used were the communist civil rights act and subsidized housing, forced integration and more. That more refers to things like abortion and contraception which Catholics have indulged in but the WASPS, having no religious restrictions against these things in some instances, took to them naturally and that, according to Jones is why America no longer has a WASP elite.


    Bigot: person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

    It is bigotry though. I must intolerant of homosexuals otherwise I am helping to breed their brand of sickness. This is bad for the homosexual and bad for society. The part of this definition that would not fit would be the “hatred” bit. Homosexuals are sinning and we all sin. They are as capable of being redeemed as anyone else but that does not mean society should accept their sins.


    In the United States Marine Corps they always talk about doing more with less. To be desperate to appeal to Protestants Catholics will and have lost their Catholic -ness. That is not because the Faith is gone. Christ’s Truth and His Church are eternal and alive and ever present. Catholics though have become just watered down Protestants. We have given up the Faith for Ecumenism. Confused love with tolerance and forgotten that we are called to proselytize fanatically. I do not recall Christ telling us to be agreeable. Catholics need to accept that they are very small in number and trust in God. The Early Church had a few in number but God used an early Church that was criminalized (just as Catholics have always been pronounced enemies of satanic regimes) and hounded and martyred and God used that early Catholic Church that should have been crushed under the weight of the Roman Empire and with those Early Few Catholics God conquered the world. This does not mean Catholics should not cooperate where it’s warranted but always Protestants must be introduced to the Truth of the Catholic Faith and that it is the Church founded by Christ and only in Catholic Faith are we Christians.


    E Michael Jones talks about how the Irish and Germans fought an ideological war in the Catholic Church in early 20th century America. The Irish were Americanists and wanted to fit in but the Germans knew they had a superior Catholic culture and that is beautifully pronounced in the German prayer that translates to “please God help us convert the Protestant American barbarians.”
    The Irish have been left with a horrible confidence problem after 800 years of military occupation and they bullied the Germans into assimilation and unfortunately the Irish won that war. The destruction of the Faith in Post Vatican 2 America is largely the fault of American Catholics.
    Fucking Irish
    One CANNOT be a good American AND a good Catholic. Likely not ever but especially not today. Christianity is at odds with the state


    This makes me think isn’t it interesting that just knowing the emperor has no clothes is not enough? We have to tell others. It’s as if by telling others reality is created and by hearing reality is created in others. Does this mean that reality is social or that what we know to be true in ourselves needs some kind of validation from others if even only by speaking truth into the world? As if just by hearing truth we create it or maybe we destroy the lie? Maybe that’s it. Not an act of creation but an attacking destructive act like Christ whipping the money changers in the Temple?
    I’m not certain if our human need to speak and make obvious what we know to be true is a weakness or a strength?


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