Some Have Read Ahead and Have a Note of Caution They Would Like to Add

Some in our group have read ahead and wrote up a quick review to help the rest of us put some of Dreher’s final conclusions into perspective. I think it’s incredibly important to keep this in mind as we go forward with this book. Remember, no modern book is perfect.

While ‘The Benedict Option’ contains an important message for all Christians unfortunately parts of it shame people in the past for working to build institutions to preserve their cultural legacy. While It is true that one can make an idol out of race it is important to consider that the Bible frequently tells us to order our lives to make God the center of them.

We know that forced integration disrupts the peace of a community in such a way that distracts from God. Rob Dreher states that the culture war began with the sexual revolution but the reality was that that it began with the destruction of a unique white identity in America.

It is no coincidence that the sexual revolution, the end of freedom of association (1964 civil rights act), and the Hart-Celler immigration act (which switched the demographics of who we allowed to immigrate to the US drastically) all occurred within a few years of each other and in the same historical moment.

Advocacy for affirmative action policies in Benedict option schools or intentional communities would still be putting race at the center of these institutions and therefore making an idol out of multiracialism, the God of modernity. Those policies would also likely disrupt the peace of the community.

I cannot endorse the parts of this book that would shame me for preserving my ancestral legacy, as that preservation is not an act of hate against those outside that legacy.

Nevertheless the general concept that the faithful need communities of our own to strengthen our relationship with God and to preserve our traditions is a good one.”