Is Australia under threat of Sharia Law?

Last week while visiting Sydney, Australia Canadian independent journalist Lauren Southern (on a speaking tour of the country at the time with Stefan Molyneux) visited the inner Sydney suburb of Lakemba.

Lakemba is an area of strong Islamic influence and is home the Lakemba Mosque, which is reportedly the largest Mosque in Australia. The signs in Lakemba are written in Arabic which is also the primary language spoken in the area.

Lakemba was also one of the locations of Australia’s worst race riots occurring in December 2005. In which a reported 15 white youths were injured.

So what happened when Lauren visited this area? Let’s take a look.


Lauren was advised by a senior member of the New South Wales police force that SHE would be charged with breaching the peace even though she would be the one in danger and being threated. The fact it would be the reaction of the local Muslim population to Lauren’s presence that would be the cause of the breech of the peace did not matter. She was told she could not go down there and would have to leave.

The following morning after the incident Lauren and Stefan sat down by the shore  Sydney harbour and discuss what happened the day before.

The Australian media downplayed the incident with Lauren at Lakemba saying “nothing happened to her there”. Despite there being representatives from most of the major news outlets present at the time. In fact the whole thing did not even make the news at all on my side of the country.

So after all that return to our question at hand. Are police in Lakemba enforcing Sharia law? Is Australia on a downward slide towards becoming like the UK and most of Western Europe?