The Romanov Diaries & Letters: Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna

As we continue to highlight the lives of the Romanov family through their own words, we take at look at some of the writings of the second Grand Duchess Tatiana


Here are some extracts from letters she wrote to her father Tsar Nicholas II 

October 22nd 1914:

“Aleksey has just come downstairs and is going to pray together with Mother. My doggy Ortino was running about the room and playing during tea-time. It is so funny and sweet. I apologise for my handwriting but it’s not very comfortable to write sitting on the floor in Mother’s room”

October 26th 1914

“We have just returned home after the ceremony of sanctification of the Crypt Church in the Palace hospital. It was awfully beautiful. A lot of people were present there. There were many wounded soldiers – some of them with crutches, some with walking sticks. All wearing different uniforms. Some of them wore shirts, others – tunics and the rest gowns”

February 1st 1916

“Yesterday afternoon Anya arranged a small concert in her hospital . The 5 of us were there. The soldiers and we ourselves enjoyed it. Delazari sang and told a lot of funny stories. Then they played the guitar and sang songs. It was fun…. I’m having class now in the classroom. In front of me Pyotr Vasilievich. Pyotr is sitting and daydreaming. Sometimes he says something but I don’t even hear and don’t answer him as I’m writing to you….”


April 10th 1916

“It was wonderful yesterday at the morning service and the air was so still during the procession with the cross that we didn’t need to cover the candles with our hands. There weer a lot of unnecessary people of course. Tomorrow there will be Eater festivities in the Grand Palace. Dear father it’s so frightening to be present at such things without you. Thanks again for the wonder appetizing egg which I like very much and for the sweet postcard.”

April 27th 1916

“I was going to start horse riding, but the horses are still in Gatchina. The trees are beginning to blossom here now, it’s so beautiful. Nickolai Pavlovich and Rodionov came to see us on April 25 in the evening. We had dinner int he balcony and spent the whole evening there… Now I’m going to sit on the window sill and sun bathe. Terrific!”

September 23rd 1916

“I am sitting now in the morning waiting for the classes to begin and Maria and Anastasia are playing the gramophone and “raise the flag. They played “The March of Guards’ Crew”, then our anthem and some of the marches that we used to play on the yacht”