Breaking News: New Mom murdered at home in South Africa

  • Brymore mother of one month old baby stabbed to death by home invader 
  • Baby survives unharmed

unnamed3Christopher Bonus and his Fiancé Kelly Bain

Kelly Bain 26 year old, was on maternity leave at home with her one month old baby boy when the intruder struck on Wednesday. Stabbing her in the neck and arm.

The domestic worker employed by Ms Bain and her fiancé Christopher Bonus (34) , who was busy in the bathroom and heard Bain’s screams as she was fighting for her life. When the domestic worker attempted to come to the aid of Ms Bain but found the door locked.

Moments after the attack Mr Bonus returned home for lunch and to pay the domestic worker when he was confronted by the intruder in their bedroom. A scuffle between him and the attacker ended with the perpetrator breaking free and escaping over a wall, into the Baakens River Valley area.

“We got into a fight and then he scuttled out of the house. I ran after him but he got away” Mr Bonus said. Speaking of his Fiancé he added “We have been together for almost two years. I can’t believe such a perfect little person could be taken away like this

unnamed Ms Bain killed at home.

Bain’s devastated parents, Roy, 70, and Judi, 61, of Ben Kamma, held on to each other as police combed the scene. “She was our only child” the victims mother said while sobbing. She added “She was my life, she was the oxygen I breath. She was my angel, my baby girl.”

unnamed1Mr Bonus and Judi comfort each other at the scene

The baby was unharmed, according to police, and taken to Bonus’ parents. This was Bain’s second child. The deceased had a five-year-old who lived with her parents and who she was very close to.