The Romanov Diaries & Letters: Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna

As we continue our look at the lives of the Romanov family through their own writing we take a look at some of the writings of Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna.


A poem extracted from one of her note books:

“Send us, Lord, the patience, in this year of stormy, gloom-filled days, to suffer popular oppression, and the tortures of our hangmen. Give us strength, oh Lord of justice, Our neighbor’s evil to forgive, And the Cross so heavy and bloody, with Your humility to meet, In days when enemies rob us, To bear the shame and humiliation, Christ our Savior, help us. Ruler of the world, God of the universe, Bless us with prayer and give our humble soul rest in this unbearable, dreadful hour. At the threshold of the grave, breathe into the lips of Your slaves inhuman strength — to pray meekly for our enemies.”

21 June 1917

My darling, dear Godmother,

Am terribly touched by your sweet letter and heartfelt words. I wanted to have a heart to heart talk with you when you were with us in Kiev, but there wasn’t the opportunity.

Poor Mama is terribly bored; can’t at all get used to the new life and the circumstances here, although on the whole we can all be grateful that we will be together and in the Crimea. So horribly sad to think about our dear nieces and their parents and about our homeland. Little Dolls!! Now it’s doubly hard for you, my darling Aunt Olga. May God preserve you.

A kiss to you and Mitia. Love you sincerely and with all my heart.

Your loving Goddaughter,

10 October, 1917 – Tobolsk

Your long letter reminded me that I have not once written to You, dear old Pyotr Vasilievich, for which I apologize.
We were very glad to learn that You are better. I hope it will stay that way. All is well with us; everyone is in good health. The weather is good.
Today it is sunny and thawing, while for the first few days of October it was almost hot, it changes so quickly. My brother and sisters have started lessons.
I am writing to you in the big hall, where the four of us have tea together. Our brother is playing with his soldiers at a separate table. M and A are reading at the window, Mama and Tatiana are playing at something, Papa is reading nearby. They all send their greetings, as do I. All my best wishes. We often remember with Zhilik how we used to torment poor old P.V.P. during lessons, and so many other things.

Your pupil Nr. 1 Olga


Easter 1918

We all congratulate you tenderly with the coming Easter, and wish you to spend it as peacefully as anyone can now. I always think of you when they sing during mass the prayer we used to sing together on the yacht. I kiss you. 

May 1918

Darling, I take the first opportunity to write you the latest news we have had from ours in Ekaterinburg [where her parents and Maria Nikolaievna had already gone]. They wrote on the 23rd of April that the journey over the rough roads was terrible, but that in spite of great weariness they are well. They live in three rooms and eat the same food as the soldiers.

The little one is better but is still in bed. As soon as he is well enough to be moved we shall join them. We have had letters from Zina but none from Lili [Dehn, family friends]. Have Alya [Ania’s sister] and your brother written? The weather has become milder, the ice is out of the river Irtysh, but nothing is green yet. Darling, you must know how dreadful it all is. We kiss and embrace you. God bless YOU.