Family forced to hire private investigator

Two weeks ago we brought you the story of Lize Moreland who returning home on July 2nd found her  husband Ronald dead in their garden. Despite the overwhelming evidence that Mr Moreland was murdered police at the time refused to open a murder investigation until “they were certain what the cause of death was”

To this date police still have not opened a murder investigation into this case which is no doubt adding to the pain and anguish that Mrs Moreland and her family are going through.

In their desperate quest for answers, the family have now engaged the services of a private investigator to assist them with the murder of Mr Moreland. The police service in South Africa has failed this family and forced them to take matters into their own hands.

This is yet one example of the failed state of the South African police force.

I saw another example of the failing police system in South Africa when the following came across my twitter feed

*Please note this video does contain some language not suitable for all ages*

In the video filmed by a young man we see a woman laying on the ground the victim of a brutal and violent stabbing incident. Two police officers just in their vehicle and do not render assistance to her at all. A third officer is giving some assistance but all he is doing is standing to the side, while members of the general public try to help the woman.

I have always thought it was the duty of the police forces around the world to serve and protect the people in their communities. Am I wrong?