Violent left wing protesters target Lauren Southern’s Melbourne event.

  • Police clash with violent left wing and Antifa protesters outside venue
  • Protesters attack a bus
  • Police had to deploy pepper spray.
  • Protesters manage to breach venue and try to attack Lauren

We all knew it was coming, we all knew that Antifa and the left wing would attempt to disrupt and protest Lauren Southern’s tour of Australia but the severity of their actions is still shocking none the less.

On  the evening of Friday the 20th of July Canadian independent journalist and right wing activist Lauren Southern kicked of her Australian speaking tour in Melbourne, Victoria. She is in Australia with compatriot Stefan Molyneux, they are speaking in Australia about the direction it is heading with it’s immigration. Additional to this Lauren is using the tour to promote her recently released documentary Farm Lands, which speaks about the plight white people face in South Africa.

Outside the venue hundreds of hateful Antifa and left wing protesters violently clashed with Victorian Police. Police were armed in riot gear and were heavily armed. The mounted police were also present.

Protesters tried to close down a major Melbourne highway leading to the venue and attempted to stop coaches from delivering guests to the event. They were shouting “Surround the Nazi Bus” as they violently slapped the buses.

Police at several points had to deploy their pepper sprays to subdue protesters



Several Antifa protesters made it inside the venue. One of them attempted to attack Lauren as she was finishing her address and was receiving applause from the audience. The protester was quickly subdued by security and Lauren was unharmed.

Lauren as always carried herself with perfect professionalism commenting at one point during the evening “Any more ticket sales for Antifa?”

It should be noted at this time that the venue that hosted the event last night in Melbourne is owned by Iranians. They were perfectly happy to have Lauren at their venue and had no issue with views she has expressed.

Lauren & Stefan’s tour moves on to Perth on Sunday and then to Adelaide, Sydney and finally Brisbane before heading to Auckland New Zealand early next month.. More information about the tour can be found at