PayPal shuts down Faith Goldy & Red Ice TV

We are all aware of the aggressive stance that online fundraising platforms have taken over recent times to attempt to close down the funding for independent journalists.

PayPal has now started actively targeting accounts of those who would speak up and make a stand for our countries, people and freedoms.

Please see below how you can support Faith and Red Ice at this time.

On the 16th of July Canadian Nationaliist and independent journalist Faith Goldy announced on her social media that she had been contacted by PayPal informing her they were shutting down her account.


The following day on her YouTube channel Faith released the following video



However it did not stop there

The very same day that Faith released her YouTube video in response to PayPal closing her down they were at it again. This time they targeted Henrik and Lana from Red Ice TV.

That’s right not content with taking down one alternative media provide they have now taken down two.

red ice

I would like to point out at this time that the work that both Faith and the Red Ice TV team do to bring us the content they provide is all that they do. They totally dedicate themselves to their work in speaking truth and providing an alternative media source.

Therefor they are dependant on the support of their friends and followers to not only provide them with the ability to do their very vital work but also so they can support themselves.

PayPal’s attack on Faith and Red Ice TV is nothing more than a straight out and very blatant attempt to close them down permanently. However that is not issue which stands out here.

The swiftness in which both these bans occurred is concerning and seems to indicate PayPal may continue to target people and groups using their platform who are of similar views and work as Faith & Red Ice.

We need to rally behind Faith, Henrik and Lana and show our love and support to them. With our help they won’t be closed down and their work will be able to continue.

Please consider supporting Faith by going to:

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