Home School Resource for Social Studies with Your Teens

James Allsup is a YouTuber who specializes in response videos to the propaganda constantly pushed out by the Left, especially the propaganda which teaches our children that there is something wrong with being white, American or both.

I highly recommend his videos as a social studies lesson for homeschooling teens both of white heritage as well as nonwhite heritage.

Our children must be equipped with the skills to be able to break down these false arguments coming from popular places like MTV, CNN, Huffington Post and others.

James gives clear, concise, well researched and well-reasoned counter arguments that your children will need in order to defend themselves and their people (if they are white) or to defend their friends and their country and promote true racial harmony (if they are nonwhite).

I recommend subscribing to his channel and clicking the notification bell. He makes a few videos per week and has a huge library of past videos that can help you and your family have a dialogue about race relations in our very divided country.

We cannot shelter our children forever, nor can we simply propagandize them with *our* beliefs. We must teach them to think clearly and reasonably and James’ videos are an immense help to this end.

God bless.