Lauren Southern arrives in Australia

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Continuing our coverage of Lauren Southern’s visit to Australia we can report that she arrived in Brisbane, Queensland to begin her time in the country.

She arrived earlier today and has already made her presence felt in a very good and strong way. Disembarking from her flight she was wearing an It’s Okay To Be White t-shirt


Already this has sent the leftist Australian media into a frenzy.

SBS reported her arrival by saying “Controversial Canadian anti-immigration activist Lauren Southern arrived in Brisbane ahead of her speaking tour, and she didn’t take long to stir up controversy.” took a slightly less extreme view on it: Right wing Canadian activist Lauren Southern has touched down in Brisbane ahead of a speaking tour later this month sporting an “It’s okay to be white” t-shirt

Lauren herself said when arriving in the country “It’s a pleasure to land and see Australia upholding it’s commitment to free speech and Western culture – something that may not be here for much longer if the left-wing Australian politicians continue their pathological worship of multiculturalism” 

She also made an appearance on Sky News Australia where she proudly declared she is happy being white.

You can find the dates for Lauren’s tour with Stefan Molyneux here Tour information

Plus will be continuing our rolling coverage of the tour as it happens around the country so stay tuned.