Welcome to Wife With A Purpose

Hello & Welcome.

You may be visiting us today for the first time as a result of Ayla’s appearance as a special guest with Jesse Lee Peterson. You might now be wondering who Ayla is and what does she do. Please allow us to take some of your time and show you who she is and what Wife With A Purpose is all about.

Ayla is a traditional homemaker and mom to 6 children. She is a Christian and a nationalist, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in German with a minor in Anthropology. She also holds a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality.

In September 2015 Ayla founded Wife With A Purpose Ministries. She began to work on several social media platforms with the view to spread the positive influence of Christianity and the benefits of living a traditional lifestyle.

We provide a forum which brings together people interested in God’s plan for happy families and wives dedicated to traditional homemaking. It also serves youth interested in an alternative to feminism and liberal ideology through articles, social media posts as well as instructional and informative YouTube videos on a variety of social and political subjects.

In July 2017 Ayla was joined at Wife With A Purpose Ministries by Traditional Mike. He began by assisting with some behind the scenes work, soon however Mike was assisting in other ways. He now writes articles for our website plus he posts on social media working in with Ayla across many platforms.

At the beginning of this year we launched a series of month long campaigns. Through our series of monthly campaigns we provide insight and inspiration on a ranger of subjects. These have included themes such as Our Children, Wilderness Revival & Righteous Fatherhood.

We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to Ayla and the work we do. If you did please stick around and join us on our journey.