Land expropriation public comment results have been released

a post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

Recently a call for public comment was made by the organisation Dear South Africa with regards to the proposal by some members of the South African parliament to amened section 25 of the constitution and some clauses. These amendments would allow for land expropriation without compensation to occur to white farmers effectively leaving them destitute.

White famers in South Africa face a number of challenges including sever drought, a lack of feed for animals and the constant threat of farm attacks, many  of which end in farmers being badly injured or murdered.

A total of 229,857 comments were received from the public by Dear South Africa. Each comment was sent as a unique email to the official representative of the Constitutional Review Committee.

The number of submissions in favour of changing section 25 was 100,308.

The number of submissions against changing section 25 was 129,549

Dear South Africa hand delivered all the comments to Parliament before the closing time on Friday 15 June.

The Constitutional Review Committee is tasked with reviewing section 25 and other clauses.  The committee will make recommendations to Parliament, in the form of constitutional amendments. The deadline for this is the 30th of August.