South African man murdered Police delay investigation

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*Please note the contents of this article may distress some readers. Discretion is advised*


On Monday the 2nd of July at around 5:45pm Lize Moreland of Olympus, Pretoria, South Africa returned home to the security village of Christopher’s Place where she and her husband of 18 years lived.

Mrs Moreland entered their home expecting to find her 46 year old husband Ronald inside. When she didn’t find him she searched around and found him laying on the ground in the garden.

“He looked as if he was asleep with his hands on the side, but as I moved closer I saw blood and realised something was wrong” Mrs Moreland said

Mrs Moreland became hysterical yelling out to her neighbours for help as she saw that her husband might be dead.

She said that her husbands body was severely bruised, with blood everywhere and there were cable ties fastened  around his neck.

“He had cable ties around his neck and bruises on his forehead as though he had been dragged and beaten. He was brutally attacked and he really did not deserve it,” Mrs Moreland said while sobbing.

She believes that the state in which she found her husband suggests that he was the victim of a murder.

The mother of two said her husband was a very kind and calm person who always wanted to do good for others.

“He was never aggressive or a fighter. I don’t see who would have wanted to kill him,” Mrs Moreland stated

Larochelle Nel, Mrs Moreland’s daughter said: ” My Mom isn’t coping well, she’s lost half her soul. She’s angry”

20430156_10212592647383869_6502262431030553556_nThe Moreland’s on holiday in Greece in 2017

Police spokesperson Captain Johannes Maheso said police could not open a murder case until they were certain of what the cause of death was.

It has now been 8 days since Mr Moreland was killed and at this stage the police still have not opened a murder investigation despite the cause of death being rather obvious to most people.

Please keep Lize, her children Larochelle & Martin and their entire family in your prayers as they struggle with this extremely difficult time.