Lauren Southern: Australian visa application rejected

a post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

As some of you may be aware at the end of May I wrote an article here about Lauren Southern coming to Australia in July and the efforts of some to try to stop her coming into the country.

Sadly those efforts seem to have gained some traction, with the Australian Government today rejecting Lauren’s visa application to come into the country.


Lauren applied for applied for an Australian ETA, or electronic travel authority. She was informed that she was not eligible for that visa and was advised instead to apply for a Visitor Visa (Sub Class 600) which can cost between $140 & $1045.

In a statement made today Mr Luke Izaak founder of Axionmatic Media the group hosting Lauren’s tour said:

“Lauren had applied for a Temporary Activities  Visa (Subclass 408) which would permit her to work and normally take 10 days to process.” he went on to say that they had applied for this months ago but had been stonewalled & stonewalled with no response.

It would seem to me that the Australian Government are trying to do their best to prevent Lauren from entering the country. It’s strange that because I thought that the Liberal Party of Australia who are currently in power were a “conservative” party. Clearly I must be mistaken in this assumption.

The way this is going Australia is going the same way the UK have gone. In two months in the UK Britany Pettibone, Martin Sellner & Lauren Southern herself were all banned from entering the United Kingdom. Plus Tommy Robinson (a citizen of the UK) was arrested and jailed too for exercising his freedom of speech while reporting on a case.


As this is a developing story we will bring you more as it comes to hand