Wife With A Purpose Excommunicated? No.

Despite the gleeful hopes of many radical Leftists fake news outlets and feminists, no, myself, Ayla Stewart, also known as Wife With A Purpose has never been excommunicated from any church, especially the Mormon Church.

Back when I began my ministry I spoke about a variety of Christian faiths. I talked a lot about Mormonism, as I lived in Utah at the time, but my writings and activism also covered (and still covers) many different Christian traditions such as Catholic, Baptist, Episcopal, Amish, Evangelical, etc.

My ministry is a Christian one, generally speaking, and I do not advocate for one specific Christian path. Since 2017 I took my own personal religious affiliation private because after the fake news media used me, lied about my beliefs and used my name and image as viral clickbait, I acquired stalkers who wish to do my family harm and so, I no longer publicly share my own personal denomination.

This also stops the media from being able to use my denomination against me; launching a public smear campaign and attempting to shame a Christian church or denomination into disavowing me, creating more clickbait and more cash for the social justice warriors and anti-Trumpers in the fake news.

Sorry guys! What can I say? Despite your best attempts there’s nothing anti-Christian about wanting a traditional lifestyle, closed borders, voting for Trump, being against feminism, or not being ashamed of my skin color because it’s white.

What blessings await you when people hate you and exclude you and mock you and curse you as evil because you follow the Son of Man.” Luke 6:22