Ayla Stewart Responds to Charlottesville the Media Dishonesty and Guilt by Association 

Since I was a little girl I have refused the idea of guilt by association. I embraced the radical tolerance taught to me by the then Leftist school system (before the Left became anti tolerance). I would hear anyone out. I didn’t have to agree with them but I was brought up to believe that I would die for someone’s right to say what they feel is true. I still firmly believe in that.

So I have spent my life listening to anyone’s point of view respectfully so long as they didn’t advocate violence. I then formed an opinion as the wether or not I felt the same way they did and then moved on with my life.

If I found their opinion to be especially silly, like gender is a social construct, or women as just as strong as men, I certainly felt free to mock them, but I defend their right to speak none-the-less and I never associated any person with anyone else’s view points. I hold all people accountable only for what they themselves directly say.

I’ve mostly been surrounded in my life by people who do the same and like many average citizens I was totally unaware that the Left over the past decades had been building up to abandoning the notion of tolerance and free speech for all and had instead been carefully laying a frame work for themselves and the media to begin exploiting people they disagreed with the tactic of guilt by association. If you attended an event, commented on a post, retweeted something by someone the Left deemed unacceptable then YOU were unacceptable and they would ruin your life over it.

I’m naturally a very logical person and I’m also very counter culture so when I saw this narrative begin to swell up as the dominate theory in social and media discourse I pushed back, intentionally.

I remember the first time I retweeted David Duke. I stumbled across some totally benign thing he said on social media, I can’t even remember what, and I thought, “that statement is true. I agree with those 140 characters, and the notion that if I retweet him I now must agree with everything the man has ever done is ridiculous and I’m going to prove it.” *I hit the retweet button* I stand by that retweet.

RETWEETS ARE NOT ENDORSEMENTS but the Left can’t get anyone on actual wrong doing so they try to get us that way.

Nope, not me, I reject it.

It was the very liberal ideas of allowing all people a platform and giving a fair hearing to all sides of story that led me to the Alt Right in the first place (that and a heaping helping of not giving a tick what people think of me but living for God and truth only).

I listened to Richard Spencer, I listened to Milo (yes, I’m aware he isn’t alt right), I listened to Nathan Damingo, etc just as I had listened, years ago, to people like Gloria Steinem, Luisha Tiesch and Amy Goodman. I can’t think of one person on the planet that I totally agree with on everything (and that includes my husband) but I’m perfectly capable of listening, forming an opinion and moving on with my day.

The secret is MOST people are able to do this but as the Left amps up it’s false dichotomies and pseudo intellectualism the average American has either been brain washed into thinking this is unacceptable (to hear both sides) or shamed into being quite for fear of losing their friends, their family, their jobs, etc.

The Left’s tactic works like this…

– pick a well known figure

– demonize and label them in the press, thus “tainting” them

– sit back and let the rumors build and build

– stop a movement in its tracks because now no one will listen to this figure or group and anyone who does will be branded

So the way it worked with me was to take a blog I wrote against black ghetto rap culture and pretend I was talking about black *people* instead (ignoring all the times I’ve been very careful to clearly state I wasn’t talking about all black people or even the average black person but specifically black, ghetto rap culture), call me a racist in order to silence me.


I won’t be silenced. You have no idea how stubborn I am.

So now many of my online interactions go something like this…

> You’re a white supremacist because Slate said so

Please quote something I’ve said that is white supremacist.

> You imply it.

No, I don’t, here’s dozens of examples where I’ve said God loves all people equally. (Shows link to tweets)

> Well, you hang out with white supremacists, you speak at their events

I speak at free speech events, and I’m only responsible for what I say only, I reject guilt by association

> Insert ad hominem

*block, mute or ignore*

I’m well aware that most people today have neither the intellectual capacity nor the attention span to hear out the nuances of a narrative the press has spun for them (although some people do and I appreciate that). That having been said let’s clear up some things about Charlottesville right here and now.

Jason Kessler isn’t an avowed White Supremacist. He organized the rally on Saturday, not the torch lit vigil. The vigil was by Identity Europa who, despite the lying press, are also not white supremacists or white nationalists. The torch lit vigil was held in honor of the fallen dead of the civil war and to support keeping the Lee statue, nothing else. Many people don’t realize that Identity Europa had the EXACT SAME vigil two months ago at the exact same place without incident.

Kessler also helped organize several events this year, none of which had these issues. The Nazis/KKK came to Charlottesville, uninvited. They were literally bussed in WITH antifa, the whole thing was a total set up. Don’t believe me? Here’s an eye witness report. (Or is this guy a Nazi too?)

Google the free speech rally Richard Spencer and the guys had in DC in May. Ruptly News live streamed the entire event. Watch the whole thing. It was organized by the exact same people and had all of the exact same speakers as Charlottesville in August but DC also including a Latina woman. There were no Nazis, very little antifa, and no issues. They gathered, they spoke about free speech, that was it. I was invited by Richard Spencer to the next invent (Charlottesville, August) that same weekend as the DC rally. We were all anticipating a similar event as DC and the event referred to as Charlottesville 1.0 which happened in May of 2017 and also included a torch lit rally by all the same people I referred to a few paragraphs ago.

Equating nationalism with white supremacy shows the flaw in the reasoning of many people. Nationalism is civic. Even ethnic nationalism simply states that all people have a right to their ethnic homeland. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, etc. and does not promote one race as being superior to any other. I do personally believe white (ethnically European people) have a right to ethnic sovereignty in their homelands, the same as any other race. That’s not white supremacy.

Ethnic nationalism doesn’t make whites better than anyone else, it makes them equal to everyone else. Saying Europeans and only ethnic Europeans have no right to a homeland on this planet but that Jews have a right to Israel and Chinese have a right to China and Nigerians have a right to Nigeria *is* racism. It denies white people an equal right that is granted all other people on the planet and it denies them that right solely based on their race.

My, attempt, to attend and speak at Charlottesville in August was me attending a FREE SPEECH rally to talk about the importance of families. That’s it. I only accept responsibility for my actions and my speech. Not anyone else’s and certainly not the media lies about what I or anyone else, believes.