July’s campaign, #RememberThem100

Here at Wife With a Purpose ministries we are launching our July campaign with the hash tag #RememberThem100.

July 17th, 2018, will mark the 100 year anniversary of the day that Nicholas the II, Czar of Russia, and his family were assassinated, in what some speculate may have been a ritualistic killing.

This execution marked the loss of one of the last, powerful, Christian monarchies in Europe. With the sinking of the Titanic just 6 years before as well as the abolishment of other European monarchies of the time, the Western and Eastern European worlds were left bereft of their monarchs and aristocracy.

Until this point, 100 years ago, monarchy and aristocracy had not only been the institutions upholding civility and tradition but had prevented, through an ethnocentric rule and Christian understanding of their authority, the take over of communist and Marxist ideology among Europeans.

Just as Nicholas and his large, white, Christian, family was slaughtered so did, at this time, begin the world wide attack on the large, white, Christian family in general, which has culminated in the our modern day observation of the total Marxist take over of our social and legal systems in the West.

We will be featuring articles and social media not only about the Romanov family themselves but about this last gorgeous and noble time for the European man, in the hopes that by remembering what we had 100 years ago (#RememberThem100) we can restore what has been lost for all Europeans across the world.

Stay tuned and feel free to join us on social media by not only posting about the Czar and his family but also about the lovely Victorian and Edwardian eras, the social aristocracy and legal monarchies our people used to have and the height of European culture.

Remember them. Remember it all.