Righteous Fatherhood: Our June campaign concludes

a post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

What a month we have had here at Wife With A Purpose Ministries!

At the beginning of the month we launched our June campaign Righteous Fatherhood. During the course of the month we put out articles here on the website and a whole pile of tweets between Ayla (@AylaWife) and myself. We have received lots of positive feedback and comments about the content we have posted.

Thank you one and all for your tremendous support it has been fantastic….

….. however we are not quite finished yet. I have one more post to make.

As some of you may be aware (as I mentioned it in my last post I wrote) my mum was admitted to hospital and she was not expected to recover. https://wifewithapurpose.com/2018/06/17/righteous-fatherhood-my-dad-and-family/

My mum did pass away peacefully in the early hours of June 22nd after having many lovely visits throughout the week from family and close friends.

mumtweetThroughout everything that has happened the past couple of weeks my dad has been a huge example of Righteous Fatherhood. His love and devotion for my mum has always been such an inspiration to me, he never faulted in it and I hope can continue to live my life by the righteous examples my dad has shown me.