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Did you ever dream the traditionalist movement could come so far, so fast?

Back in 2015, it all started with some anti-feminist activism online geared at exposing the people and institutions who are tearing down our country by tearing down white, Christian men – and by extension, our whole nation.

Triggering the anti-family Left ended up being easier than any of us ever thought it could be.

A simple picture of lovely, feminine women, happy traditional families or children being raised to love their faith, family and ancestry – was enough for many on the Left to have complete meltdowns online.

They exposed their agenda, straight out, which was, and still is, the total destruction of traditional, Christian, families – especially white ones.

With the election of Donald Trump, we have won many victories for the preservation and restoration of traditional family living. We are even poised to -gasp- overturn the legalization of baby murder (abortion) in our nation!

Finally! If we can end child sacrifice, maybe, just maybe we can steer the ship of America away from the iceberg-of-God’s-wrath which is in front of us.

However, these victories have come at a great personal cost to many families, such as ours, who chose to speak out before these gains, and have lost and risked so much.

The Left uses law-fair and economic terrorism as their go-to silencing tactics and they have tried it all on us.

Keeping our family safe and out of harm’s way, while securing a way to still earn an income has been a precious and expensive balancing act for our family but not once have we wavered from our commitment to share God’s truth.

You can love your God, love your nation, love your children and honor your ancestry; in fact, we are commanded to do just that by our Lord and Savior.

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