#PermitPatty and #BBQBecky are Deliberate, Anti-White Crazes. The Next Step is Denying Whites Access to Emergency Services

They are setting up the pins and knocking them down.

Recently, a trend has emerged in which white women, who call the police on black people, are being showcased on social media.

Permit Patty” as she is being called is a woman who has now lost her job for calling the police on a black girl who was illegally selling water in front of her apartment.

The child was reportedly yelling and screaming and when the woman asked her to please quiet down, and the child wouldn’t, “permit Patty” called the police. The child’s mother filmed the event and shamed the woman on social media.

Prior to this event we had the incident known as “Barbeque Becky.” A group of black people were using a grill in an area where grilling is banned.

When a white woman alerted the police she was filmed, stalked, doxed, and harassed. She was even shamed on the comedy show Saturday Night Live.

BBQ Becky

Mainstream media, social media and lucrative race hustlers, are deliberately promoting cases where the offenses seem small.

They never showcase times when white people are calling 911 because of massive black, mob violence, attacks, assaults or murders.

They are softening us up to their narrative. You see, they want chaos. The elites, the Pharisees, want to control the population. They need wicked and crazed people who will cheer Barabbas over Christ because this makes the lower classes exploitable.

So, the-powers-that-be WANT mass black violence and racial disharmony and they fuel it wherever they can.

Honestly, and this is going to be brutal, if it were a little white girl she could have been publicly raped and beaten to death by a black man and it would * maybe * make the local news and that would be it.

I don’t mean that to be hyperbolic, I truly mean to express that this is the extreme amount of anti-white prejudice happening in our world today.

They can break the law from small things like permits to large things like murder, and we whites are racist if we report them or get upset. It’s unreal.

Mark my words, the recent trend in calling out white women publicly for calling the police when black people are breaking the law, is setting up a narrative deliberately.

The next step is they are going to start not serving white people who call 911, as they have already begun doing that in England.

It’s then just a hop, skip and a jump to declaring us illegal residence of the country our ancestors built, as has already happened in South Africa.

Action plan:

What can you do to help change the course of these events?

1. Share this article. Raise awareness.

2. Post and comment your views about how these two women where treated on the media outlets sharing these outrage stories. Let other readers know there is another way to view these stories. Help defuse the hype.

3. Do not link or share these stories when they go viral. Take screenshots if you want to talk about the story. Starve the beast of its click bait.

4. Pray for these women and for the healing of our nation. Join a conservative church and get involved in conservative, faith based politics in your local community.

5. Support Jesse Lee Peterson and other black, American, conservative, activists who are actually helping black people and their communities and standing up against the race hustlers.