Be Careful Regarding Ayla Stewart’s Wikipedia

*updated June 30th 2018*

Someone requested a deletion of my page which I did not contest because I actually do not want any broad, national or international attention. I began this ministry to connect with other families and disciples of Christ, not to become an e-celeb. I’m thrilled its gone. May all the rest of the attention I get die along with it so I can just go back to being a normal wife and mother again! Sheesh!

*updated June 22nd, 2018*

Today I learned that Wikipedia has created an entry for me and true to form, it’s was originally full of lies.

They made a lot of false claims based on click bait media which lied about myself and my family.

This Wiki entry was an attempt at a total hit job on my name. They did not mention my ministry, Wife With A Purpose. They did not link to my website. They did not mention my work with Squawker or New Media Central. They did not mention my Youtube channel.

They don’t want you to actually know who I am or what I stand for. They don’t want you to find me, they just want to try and make my life difficult because I suffer from “wrong think.”

Thank you to the Wikipedia editors who have helped me correct this. I will be hard for me to keep an updated account since anyone can go and edit Wiki but I will try and stay on top of it as best I can. The bottom line is don’t believe everything you read about me! You can always email me if you have questions about my work at Ayla at New Media Central . Net