Righteous Fatherhood: My dad and family

a post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

As many of you know, I come from a very traditional family. My mum stayed at home, kept the house and looked after things while dad went out and worked to bring home the income.

Dad, having come from a very traditional English family, brought those values into the family he created and those values have been passed onto me. The values of supporting those who are in your family both in a spiritual sense and in a physical sense.


However, one of the greatest values I received from my dad the example he gave me through his love and devotion for his wife. They have been married now for 45 years and I know without a doubt how much my dad loves my mum, he has shown me many times, through his actions, how much he cares for her.

Now, as I write this post, my dad and I are facing the greatest challenge of our family. His love and devotion for mum has not faltered. He loves her just as much now as he has ever done even though we both face the prospect of losing mum from this world forever.

**Editors Note from Ayla: Please keep Mike and his dad in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with his mother’s finale days.**